Whats New Gutenberg WordPress

October 4, 2017

What's New Gutenberg WordPress

We take a first hand look at the new WordPress version.

There has been some scepticism around the new release of WordPress, Gutenberg. Named after Johannes Gutenberg, the genius behind the first printing press. I've taken a look at the new released and highlighted some of the newest features that may be on it's way to you shortly.

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#1 User Interface

The first thing you'll notice is the very minimalist user interface. Usually I'm all for minimalism, but only if it's also practical. Gutenberg hides all of the control that we've grown to know and love in a neat little + button. Only after hovering do you get the options you wish to present. The UI is going to work well for the blogger, as it offers a  distraction free design.

Wordpress Gutenberg Layout


Gutenberg comes with a what you see is what you get content editor, much like a basic version of what you get if you use Visual Composer. After hovering over certain elements, it allows you to move your content hierarchy around


One way to balance losing all of your controls is to add shortcuts. WordPress has done this with it's new '/' command which allows you quickly type the block you wish to add. I feel this feature is

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